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Shifters show up in the Big Apple. Can paranormal investigator Sidney Lake stop them before her own dark past comes back to bite?

Devil koalas are on the loose and an old flame returns to seek Sidney's help in finding the monster who killed his fiancée. Will she survive her first case?

It's about to be lights out in the city that never sleeps. Can Sidney destroy the Mother of Darkness before she claims everything and everyone she loves?

What lurks in the shadows for Sidney Lake in the final book of the Tides of Darkness series?

Find out soon!

Content Guidelines: This series is a dark urban fantasy intended for a mature audience. Expect to read explicit language, detailed depictions of sex, graphic violence including death and blood, and references to self harm and sexual assault.

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Meet Sarah

Sarah Blair is an author of sexy, snarky, supernatural fiction.

She graduated from the University of Tennessee where she earned her B.A. in Creative Writing, summa cum laude.

As an enthusiastic fan of The X-Files, she began her writing career penning fan fiction. In college she spent a semester in Wales and fell in love with Arthurian legends and the city of Bath.

Now she weaves these two passions together in the Tides of Darkness Series, featuring modern paranormal mysteries and legendary myths of old.

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"If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it."

Toni Morrison

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Sarah recorded her first podcast with

The X-Cast: An X-Files Podcast in 2016 and developed an instant addiction to the medium.

Since then, she has become a host, and a showrunner.




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